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Predictive Maintenance (Industry 4.0)
Autoneum Management AG – Winterthur

Autoneum an international company is represented in 50 locations world wide. Production runs around-the-clock seven days a week. In order to guarantee smooth running operations, the IT department has to provide its services accordingly.

After the decision has been made to implement Predictive Maintenance worldwide, several suppliers have been evaluated by a RFP process. After successful contract negotiations the implementation of Predictive Maintenance has been started in two pilot production sites in the USA and China.

Sparking Idea was engaged in the selection of the Industry 4.0 solution applications to assure transparency and neutrality during the process. Sparking Idea’s clear line, commitment to quality and humour in difficult situations helped to align objectives of the involved departments, oiled good collaboration which finally led to the selection of the most appropriate suppliers.

Domonkos Gaspar, Head of Global Manufacturing Digitization, Autoneum

Value Proposition
Boonea AG – Zurich

Boonea is a sales tech start-up. Relationships are key in B2B Sales for large deals and investment goods. Boonea’s solution creates new insights for leads, buying centre and churn risk, allowing enterprises to sell more and more efficiently. This is achieved by automatically detecting and measuring an enterprise’s relationships based on the communication data.

This new sales approach was incorporated into service offers, each value proposition tailored to the needs of the respective customer target groups.

Sparking Idea helped us to shape our value proposition. Their razor-sharp analytical thinking, allowed them to ask us tough questions, resulting in outstanding focused results.
Flurin Capaul, CEO and Founder, Boonea

Product- and Service Design

Sparking Idea inspires the local Mölnlycke team to move from sales of goods to the delivery of an all-inclusive service proposition.

Mölnlycke is a world-leading medical products and solutions company in 34 countries with 7,400 employees. The evolution of the local market requires, in order to guarantee a continued competitiveness, a new approach ot product packaging and services.

Sparking Idea engaged with the local leadership, designed and led workshops in German and French to establish the as is situation, to review and adapt best practices, and to engage the local team in a stimulating discussion resulting in the definition of service components for immediate implementation and proposals for mid and long-term implementation.

Sparking Idea facilitated workshops with my team to identify new opportunities with our customer and design new innovative services for hospitals. I chose Sparking Idea for its team’s long project management experience in the IT service industry as well as for its creativity. I would highly recommend Sparking Idea especially to teams who aim at transforming their business.
Muriel Bekto, General Manager, MÖLNLYCKE HEALTH CARE AG

Strategy Workshop
OOS AG – Zurich

OOS focuses on the consulting, planning and design of corporate architecture. Their projects are mainly in Switzerland, however they have successfully completed some international projects as well.

We were invited to analyse future strategy propositions and conducted a series of workshops focusing on defining the strategy and the respective implementation.

We looked for consultants with a different approach, objectively delivering fresh ideas. Sparking Idea was exactly what we were looking for, providing us with substantial input facilitating further development of our organisational structure.
Christoph Kellenberger, Founding Partner, OOS