We are the Firestarters, to your Sparking Idea!
Tailored Advisory for your Business Experienced – Efficient – Different – Real
Margherita Brodbeck Roth Sabine Röthlisberger



Clear ideas for a clear position. 

We value integrity, love challenges, deliver performance, and believe in longevity. 

OK. We admit that we aren’t the only ones to make those claims. But we are the first who are burning to prove them to you. – Are you ready to light the fire? 


Intelligently drafted, rigorously executed.

We develop well-founded business analyses and offer professional strategy and transformation advisory services, as well as rigorous implementation.

It goes without saying that we are also experts in all of the disciplines that feed into these areas. Flash-in-the-pan consulting is not our thing at all. Instead, we strive consistently to achieve win-win-win situations.


Transformation, thought through to completion. 

In the world of digital business transformation, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. There is only your solution, tailored uncompromisingly to your company’s very specific needs. 

We are specialists in aligning business and IT with a sharply honed strategy, and in creating flexible organisational structures that adapt proactively to your complex network of internal and external partners as the situation demands. We think right through every single aspect of the transformation process and its implementation, including strategy design – with enormous experience, expertise, and with the necessary fire of enthusiasm.


Your success 5.0

We don’t go off half-cocked, but think in detail and implement efficiently. 

That’s why we would walk over hot coals to deliver solutions precisely forged for your company, and enriched with innovative ideas. To put our many years of broad experience to work to ensure that your project runs smoothly. And to make your processes more efficient. For measurable results that will show on your balance sheet.